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Posted by on 10.15.20 in Business Guides

Autumn Budget 2021 Highlights

Posted by on 11.1.21 in Updates

The Chancellor’s Autumn Budget was announced for another year. With most of the changes affecting the self-employed and small businesses already announced, here’s a summary of the key personal tax and business tax issues. The Chancellor did not announce any significant, additional support for the self-employed or small businesses, with the Budget focusing heavily on […]

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VAT on Food and Drinks for Restaurants and Cafes

Posted by on 10.14.21 in Knowledge Base

From 1st October 2021, a reduced (12.5%) rate of VAT was applied to supplies of food and non-alcoholic drinks from restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes, and similar premises across the UK. This reduced VAT rate will remain for six months before returning to the full 20% rate in April 2022. You charge VAT at 0% on […]

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Do i need to register for Self-Assessment

Posted by on 9.25.21 in Knowledge Base

There are a number of reasons why a taxpayer needs to complete a Self-Assessment tax return. This includes if they are self-employed, a company director, have an annual income over £100,000 and / or have income from savings, investment or property. Taxpayers that need to complete a Self-Assessment tax return for the first time should […]

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Cryptocurrency Tax

Posted by on 5.16.21 in Updates

The rapid growth in cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology has seen an influx of new cryptocurrency business, traders and investors which has attracted significant attention from HMRC and other tax authorities worldwide. As a result, HMRC are actively enquiring into crypto businesses, traders and investors to ensure that all individuals and businesses involved in cryptocurrency […]

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End of tax year (5th April 2021) and start of the new one

Posted by on 4.3.21 in Updates

We’re almost at the end of the tax year on 5th April, and by now you should have though about the impact on the current tax changes, so you can maximise your tax efficiency for the outgoing tax year and get your business prepared for the new tax year. You will also want to stay […]

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